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Time will tell

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Time will tell Empty Time will tell

Post  Sam92 Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:09 pm

Hello there.
How are you?
Oh me I'm just fine, just bothering myself again with questions about myself. Usually I wouldn't but here I am, in a church next door, sitting down, asking myself these same questions in repeat like a song thats tune was stuck in repeat...almost in a annoying way if I must add. My 'mother' found me this way and took me aside for a sound scolding, apparently I had left the castle without her knowing, but her bushy tail just swished from side to side and her face lit up like lights during a celebration, enough to make me do the same which in truth is a rarity.

She handed me my mask now, commenting quietly that my face would...unsettle the locals, I did not mind it has been that way since they raised me, it was rare for me to be allowed outside of home, but the royal church was close by, and it was always empty on this day so it was easy to sneak here. My 'parents' didn't mind, but the scolding was well deserved I suppose. As she brought up hood, she gently tucked my hair under it and behind my mask for more prominence, then asked if I was comfortable. I agreed of course, so she lead me out with a hand on my back, some gentle pushes here and there to direct me, it was hindering to wear a mask.

The locals took notice but said nothing of it, apparently that's how snooty the nobles around her were, believing themselves above everything, I would imagine kicking each one I pass in the groin. My 'father' was the same, but I respected him dearly, though still imagined it on some occasions. This was Pridelands, whats your first clue? It didn't take long for us to reach the castle, stepping in I was allowed to remove my mask thankfully, it made my face itch. Our maid was a perky lapine, maybe in her early thirties, I never asked her age.

"Ms. Lavena, young master, was there any problems getting home?" She asked, not the first time funnily enough. "Everything is well Mora." my mother answered, smiling at the maid, "tell the servants to prepare a meal for the family, then resume your duties afterword until the afternoon."
"I will be returning to my room until then mother."
"Sero wait."
I turned to her, but was draped into a hug, apparently I had made her worry again as this is what she did on occasions like this. It was enjoyable to say the least, that motherly feeling I suppose. I didn't hug her back, but she could tell I was thankful all the same, patting my head as she let me go while commenting, "you know you can take the cloak off now hun." I snorted disdainfully as I turned to walk up the stairs, all to aware of what I looked like, "I'd rather not."

I think I might of hurt her with that comment but I was in thinking mode again so I hurried myself upstairs. When I reached my room I pushed the door open then left it open a crack behind me as chances are I would be called down to dinner soon anyway. I almost pity the servants, at least they get paid enough. I shook my head, deciding to look through my books, the words circling my mind again.
There was Power, Strength, Will...and a new one, Hunger. Perhaps I was hungry, but that wasn't the way the word sounded in my head. It made me shiver fearfully. I didn't like fear, it was rare for me as I wasn't easily scared, and the necessity for fear was again nonplus in my enclosed life I grabbed my favorite book, a more so information guide on magic schools. Why was I reading this, well if you haven't figured that out too I have a deep interest in magic, even teaching myself a few minor spells. However my 'parents' deemed it dangerous for my 'health' and forbade me from doing anymore.

Still when I think about it, there have been a number of times they have forbade me to do things I might have liked to do, like interacting with people outside the manor was one of them. My friends were the maids and butlers of this noble castle, and what a boring lot they were...well except for Mora I guess. I looked through the book curiously, can you blame me? reading was pretty much the best entertainment I've had in awhile.

You saw this coming, but I would be reading like this for awhile now.

I'm not sure how long it had been, it could have been days for all I cared, when Mora herself finally entered the room, leaning against the stone frame of the entrance as she pushed the door more open, "hey champ, the table is set and your family is waiting." I tossed the book aside, then stretched to work the kinks out of my bones, nodding in reply. She arched her back a bit, then placed a hand on her hip in a rather suggestive manner, which caused me to raise a brow when she asked, "so uhm, are you sure you don't want to take the cloak off, might be a bit hot to be wearing it indoors."

"I prefer to keep this on," my sullen reply caused her to back down, bowing and hurriedly leaving to attend to her duties. I scratched my head, Mora caught a look at me without my coverups when I was helping the servants attend to our clothing, yea chores are fun, am I weird or what? Anyway ever since then she taken particular interest in things revolving around me, to the point where my parents immediately forbade her to ask questions about me at risk of losing her job. Curious as I was I was also hungry.

When I moved to stand up, something caught my eye, my empty window. It was small but on its ledge was a dead bird. A bird died on my window, I was going to have to ask one of the male servants to clean it up later. It bugged me though, a dead bird on my small window? Did it land then just die there? or did it fall out of the sky.... no no the chances it would of landed on his small window sill exactly was..well small. I shrugged and moved over to the bird. I peered at it closely, noticing its eyes still open, beak agape and legs stiff.

Yep, this fucker was dead alright. I moved my hand to poke it, I suppose it was curiosity. Nothing happened at first, I heard Mora calling me again but I ignored it. I poked it again. I must have imagined it, a small dark spark bounced off the tip of my finger.

Then the bird suddenly sprang up, chirping in confusion, and startled the shit out of me. I yelled out in surprise, falling on my ass as it fluttered about before flailing and flying out the window. What shocked me the most though was that it didn't get far, it rose, flapping its wings pathetically, then suddenly beeline for the ground. I hurried to the window, seeing its body on the ground.

It was dead, I was sure it was...did it play dead, no birds can't do that....

"Sero? are you alright?" I turned to face a lupine, dark fur and long tan hair that touched his back. He had a genuine look of concern, moving over and placing a hand on my shoulder, "look like you seen a ghost, another one at the very least."
I breathed deeply to steady myself, answering, "uh..yea, saw another spirit."
Father grunted, "well I would have thought you be used to this by now but I suppose since the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree you still get scared easy like your mother."
"I want to kick you in the balls so bad..." I breathed, rubbing my temples
"Nothing." I sighed
"Well hurry up your brother is visiting today, and take off that cloak, no need to look stranger than you already are."
"sooo bad..." I breathed again, tossing off the cloak as I moved to follow him.

But that bird...

(will update when comic is updated/ feel free to post ideas or if you want one of your OCs in this)

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Time will tell Empty Whats different?

Post  Sam92 Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:34 pm

'So once I freed my sword from that troll's skull I kicked him down the cliff, it was a close fight but it was unlucky to cross me."

Everyone clapped at my older brother, Martin, a rather pompous ass in my opinion but he looked alot like father so I couldn't really complain. He got on my nerves all the time, acting as if I care about his wild adventures outside our family castle, even using this as an excuse to pop into my room every chance he gets. 'Pride of the family' father said

'Annoying as hell' is what I said, and that's not even the worse part.
"Well our fragile one had a bit of a scare today," my father quipped suddenly, referring to me obviously. my mother's ears perked, then laid flat on her head in worry, "is he alright, he wasn't hurt or anything was he?"
"I'm right here..." I attempted to say but of course, Martin pipes up, "scared? perhaps you should station one of the servants near his room to make sure he stays ok, as a matter of fact I can do it myself."
"I'm not a child I'm like...19..." I tried saying again but once again I was interrupted, this time by Mora, "oh yes I did hear him yell, is he ok?"

"Ah yea, just a normal scare, boy saw another ghost," my 'father' chortled, earning a chuckle from my brother as well. This was starting to piss me off so I ended up blurting out, "it wasn't a ghost damn it!"
The room immediately got silent, all eyes fell on me. I brushed a hand through my short dark hair, then explained, "well it was..well a bird actually."
"A bird?" my father said perplexed. I noticed he was very interested for some reason, but I was feeling incredibly self conscious to care, the servants were even staring at me.

"There was a dead bird on my sill...I know it was dead I was completely sure," I stumbled with my words, looking down, "I..I touched it, and...well it suddenly sprang up and flew out the window, but shortly fell to the ground dead again."
I shook my head, then looked up. Brother looked as perplexed as the servants, mother looked frozen, like something had scared her and father was... wait smiling?

"Dad?" I asked. He cleared his throat in response, commenting, "don't worry about it, it was probably playing dead."
"But birds can't..."
"I will have no more discussion on the topic, are we clear?" Father voice was stern, to which everyone stopped talking and resumed eating. We learned to never piss off 'dad' he was...quite the hothead on some cases.
When we finished, the servants resumed their chores, I went up to my room with my brother in tow trying to ask questions and blah blabbity blah. I told him to leave me alone as always(though he never does), and slammed the door against his muzzle, working a string of curses from him when it bopped his nose, and a smile from me.

I tried my best to think about it, but what was bothering me was father seemed happy about my resolution, and I hadn't seen him smile since my brother became captain of the knights guarding our castle. I looked at my hand again, flexing and clenching it quietly, thinking about that dark spark I noticed before. Was it me? did I make that bird alive then dead again?

It certainly wasn't any magic I was familiar with, maybe it was playing dead... I shrugged, then moved over to the window sill and was greeted by a unfamiliar site. The dead bird was still there, but so was father...
"The hell?"
He tucked his head down again, carefully looking over the sill just in case his 'father' looked up. He seemed to be examining the bird, then bent down to pick it up quietly. He then placed a hand on the plume of its chest feathers, and after a few minutes of satisfaction he then tossed the small body into the woods, heading back inside.

This confused me, why was father looking at the bird? Did he somehow... "You know its impolite to peep on other people, gives them the wrong idea."
I sighed, sitting up and patting my stomach, "Mora, can you please make me aware next time you come into my room, I find your regard for my...personal space disturbing on some notes."

"Oh, who's Mora? One of the servants I presume?"

I felt my body freeze at this moment, wait... I felt fear again, I hate fear. I gulped it down and turned to the unknown person. It was a female wolf, gray fur and dark hair with bright yellow eyes. She seemed to be clad in formal wear, and had the air about her that made me shiver. I certainly didn't know her or recognize her.

I regained my composure, asking, "I know this is a bit of a cliche for me to ask but who are you?"

She had this look of smugness that turned my fear to annoyance right away, but I was still wary of her. She answered, "hmm? well its impolite for a gentleman to question a women on introductions without introducing himself, lets start there."
"My name is Sero Lavena," scratching my head, "I uh...well I'm just an adopted member of the family, thats why they keep me here."

"Oh I already know that, I was just seeing if you had any manners," she yawned, leaning against the wall casually, "but in fairness my name is Lanna, and the reason why I am here is so I can determine how similar we are."
"Similar?" I asked perplexed
She lifted her hand, suddenly bright red and dark energy encircled it as she answered, "me and you are...well the same in some way, the difference we share is that you have the potential to be more powerful than anything we could imagine."

I stared at her hand, admiringly I was a tad dumbfounded as I only slipped out one word," ...we?"
"My lover, we both have been watching you for awhile," She walked forward, walking with the grace of a women at a formal meeting, then placed a hand on my head. She smirked, "hmmm yes you have alot of power, but how you can utilize its potential....let me ask you my dear boy, would you like to learn more magic?"

I gulped at this, "...magic? what do you..."
"I can teach you you know," Lanna the Shadow replied, tracing her fingers through the strands of my hair as she then turned, moving in stride to the door, "do you know that church you visit so often to think? I will teach you there if you decide to come tommorrow, and know more."

And before I can answer she was gone, having slipped outside the door, leaving me quite dumbfounded.

Lanna brushed a strand of hair from her face as she moved through the hall to meet the 'father', who was standing there waiting for her.
"Have you spoken to him?"
"I wouldn't be here if I didn't love." Lanna smiled, moving to wrap her arms around the male, who just scowled while commenting, "hmmm unfortunately I'm still in this disguise, I apologize if you have to look onto this form."
"Its not as handsome as the original my dear Traveler," She replied, moving to kiss the side of his cheek tenderly, "but do not fret dear it is done, his curiosity is piqued and he will come to me."

"Good, he is a Catalyst, we planted him into this family until he came of age," Traveler didn't smile at the kiss but he seemed to appreciate it as his grip tightened, "once you help him utilize that mountain of pure dark power he has we can use him to take over the Cabal, and as an added bonus once we do the 'focus' that Ferneris is currently nurturing will be under our power as well, giving us two pure sources of magic that we can use in our plans to come."

"Indeed, I can not wait for that time to come love," she purred, nuzzling the males neck affectionately.

"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free."
~Jim Morrison


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Time will tell Empty Don't now why...

Post  Sam92 Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:19 am

Knight of the Abyss

Can you guess where I was going? My cloak and mask where on so my body was concealed and I was on my way to the church. Two parts of my mind were currently in argument about going at all, one saying no, one saying yes, blah blah you know the deal.
Well the main reason for my reluctance is because it was broad daylight, I usually am allowed to leave the house only during knight time as I am less noticeable this way.

I guess I was afraid I'd get my timing wrong, hell I'm not sure. Was it hot or was it me?

Anyway I had finally reached my destination, and you remember from the first episode that it was easy to get here, but I was getting stares like crazy so I made my way in. I was immediately welcomed by a familiar site, though if this was a good thing was still up for debate. Lanna ushered me in, locking the door behind her as she asked, "so you came, frankly I was expecting you at a later time, but I suppose identity issues aren't hard for people to ignore I geuss?"

Eye twitch, I asked, "So uh..."

Lanna seemed to think then tapped her chin, "ah yes your lessons, right this way."

I hesitated, but followed her.
She lead me to the area where the main podium was, but instead there was a large table with a rather bloody cloth draped over it, a blackbook with several red symbols over it, a skull... looked canine. Then a few dead mich (the comparison of mice in this world). There were a few...grotesque things I'd rather not say, viewer discretion advised you know that mess.

She brought me over, to splayed her arms out in a rather dramatic fashion, "welcome to my little school of necromancy, lets hope you'll outlast the rest."

I looked around quietly, then scratched my head, "but I'm the only one here."
"But your not the first," She yawned her reply, "I just hope you don't disappoint me, many do not survive my retribution."
I felt a pang of fear again but I shook it off, asking, "So...whats my first lesson?"
"Control," the wolfess replied, "what is power if you have no level of control over it, you will be learning how to properly utilize your darkness offensively and defensively before I give you something more...solid to toy with."

She lifted her hand again, the swirling dark and red energy from before now condensing around her hand, making it feel like she was sucking the air from the room. The feeling to me however was...sorely brilliant, such power in front of me, I felt a pang of hunger as I did before. I soon realized how much I wanted this, the trademark of a mage is the need to learn.

"This is a typical offensive spell that utilizes the purity of your spirit into a bullet like attack," she explained, "however due to the chaotic energy of necromancy instead of drawing on our spirit, it draws on our emotion: anger, fear, even sadness are keys to this power."
She released the energy, the resounding attack destroying a few chairs within the church. She then pat her hand against her robust chest modestly, "that was only a chip of what I can do, but you get the picture... now take what I have shown you and duplicate it to the best of your ability."

I nodded, then lifted my hand in front of me looking at it. Emotion huh? thats a bit new to me, but my best bet of pulling this off without pissing her off to the point of killing me would be finding something to weight on. I thought for a second, hatred...
Well I hate my brother.
I hate most of the servants
I hate this town....gods I hated the Pridelands, this place was one giant walking talking fucktown of a cliche. The people are stuffy and rude not to mention stupid in an almost hilarious manner.

My eyes widened, dark and blue energy had surrounded my hand while I had been thinking. It made me smile, and with a casual flick I sent this 'Magic Missile' hurtling against the wall, leaving a large scorch mark. I looked to my teacher, and was happy to see she looked pleased.

"Not the most powerful but impressive nonetheless," She gestured with a casual wave, "once more."

“If anyone stops us, as long as we mumble something pretentious about the glory of death, we should be fine.”
~Derek Landy

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Time will tell Empty In and Out

Post  Sam92 Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:46 am

Its been a few weeks. The lessons have been going incredibly smooth and Lanna has taught me well. She says my abilities on the offensive and defensive art of magic was growing more astounding each time, however she explained to me for my own safety I wouldn't delve too deeply into the dark art of necromancy until she says I'm ready.This suits me fine, it gives me a lot of time out of the castle.

Finally doing something I enjoy to do. The fun didn't last long, unfortunately.

"Not bad," Lanna commented, her attention more on her nails then my handiwork, "certain spells take time to be able to learn, especially ones that require an element or an affliction, however you seemed to have mastered a condensed poison spell in less than a day."

"Lan...Mistress," I strained myself saying that, she ordered me too, "I can't help but wonder, if you are an incredible mage and teacher would you happen to work at a magic school?"

"As flattering as your words are student, necromancy... isn't a widely accepted art of magic, but those who master it are equally or beyond formidable....and feared," she seemed to smile quietly before turning her head to me as I dissipated the green and black fire, patting my hands together.

She then sniffed, "well I suppose your eagerness to train has gone beyond the desired time for you to return to your home, you may head back for rest then return tomorrow to resume."
I straightened my cloak and adjusted my hood before bowing to the wolfess, "Thank you Mistress, I am looking forward to my lessons tomorrow."

"Oh I know," she nodded in satisfaction, then move to pat the top of my head, "in due time we will delve deeper into necromancy's true nature, and you will finally harness your power to its full potential."
"I am looking forward to it Mistress, " what a warm feeling it was, a sense of accomplishment. Provided she was incredibly sarcastic and often looked upon me like I was a pet, but even so within all this I can honestly admit calling her 'Mistress' didn't feel all that bad.


I jumped, looking around to the church doorway, blinking, "Mother?"
The fox looked as surprised as I was, her eyes swiveling to Lanna then to me. She brought up her hands to her chest, then suddenly smiled," I...oh my am I interrupting something Sero?"

Before I could answer, Lanna suddenly leaped up and wrapped her arms around my back, laying her head on my shoulder in a manner that made me raise a brow, "oh your not interrupting, me and Sero here were just wrapping up weren't we?"
I raised a brow, nodding, "Yes Mistr- ow!"
She pinched my sides. I winced but looked up at my mother again, who was giggling for some odd reason, "oh..well I'm sorry for barging in, I mean if he can leave...?"

"Oh yes we are done now, but I'll see you again tomorrow won't I Sero?"
"Uh...yes of course," I yanked on the cloth of my cloak irritably as she let go, moving to follow my mother who...to my continuing annoyance.. was still giggling. As we walked out into the night I commented loudly, "what the hell is so blasted funny?"
"Oh...nothing," She stifled her giggles, placing a comforting
hand on my back, "lets just get back to the castle for now."

Dinner time again, Martin was spewing his typical nonsense, "and that's when he took a dive at her, she stepped out of the way and he went rolling into the pit... god Roren was so mad he quite literally kicked him out and back down the hill."

Father guffawed, mom chuckled, Mora and the other servants laughed under their breaths...and I rolled my eyes and continued eating my soup. Father wiped his nose, "ah my boy, I would seriously enjoy another tale about your adventures with your friends."

"Actually," Mom spoke up, her eyes peering at me, "you'll never guess how I found our Sero today." Everyone stopped eating (except me, this soup was good), father peered at me curiously, "oh? finally found out the reason for his many escapades during the night, not that I completely mind."

"He was at that old church... in the arms of a rather beautiful wolfess," she giggled again, pressing her hands to the sides of her cheeks.

There was a loud crash, causing everyone to jump and turn, Mora had dropped the tray she was holding. "Mora are you alright?" my mother spoke up.
The lapine trembled quietly, her usual perked up ears against the back of her head now as she replied, "uhm...yes ma'am I am fine, I'm terribly sorry for the mess."
"Well get a few others to help clean it up, I'd like to hear about this," father rumbled, his tone happy.

"Y-yes sir.."
Martin was already out of his seat, I looked around quietly for him but the fox/wolf hybrid tackled me from behind in a 'brotherly hug' which he did often, " ho ho ho! so thats what you been up to you sneaky dog, ha ha!"
"What?" I was still dreadfully confused.

"Well I suppose we should let you out of the castle more," Father took a sip from his drink, "if she accepted you then I'm sure your mature enough to deal with other people... yes that tears it, Martin!"
"Dad?" Martin stopped snuggling the top of my head to look up.

"Tomorrow, I want you to take him to meet your friends..hell teach him a thing or two."
"What...?" I muttered confused.
However I found myself suffocating again, "hell yea! big bro's gunna teach you how to be a man to impress your lady friend!"
"What...?" I attempted to say louder but of course I was ignored, "Just make sure he comes back unscathed, you hear?"

"I'm going to bed, thank you for the soup" I shrugged off my nostalgic brother, patting my clothing annoyed
"Wait, I want to still hear more about your lady friend, whats here name and how old she is-" Mom piped up but I quickly shut her down, this was starting to get incredibly annoying, "I'm tired, Good night."

When I reached my room I tossed off my upper body clothing and threw myself onto my bed. I'm not entirely sure what just happened, and I really don't care. The only thing I'm glad about is that my 'parents' at least know enough of where I'm going to not question...and to leave me alone about it. Then there's tomorrow, hanging with Martin...that's going to be lots of fun... and if you can't tell thats sarcasm.

Its going to suck.

A knock on my door later, and Mora stepped in. I turned my head as I was on my stomach, "what?"
"I...uhm," Mora fidgeted quietly before asking, "I wanted to ask, I..well this women, are you two...well close?"
This caught me off-guard, so I answered truthfully, "close? I'm not sure how to answer that Mora... she is teaching me a few important things that will help me in the long run, as close as a student and a teacher can get if thats what you mean."

Her ears noticeably perked again, "oh, I thought...well ok, thats good to hear..I was afraid you two were uhm...well never mind."
I blinked, "I'm not following but I'm too tired to care, you got your answer so you can go now."
"Actually I was wondering if...if I can stay with you tonight."

I turned myself onto my back to examine her, however when I did her cheeks went pink and she turned her head. I then shrugged, "well uh...fine, as long as you wake up at normal times and get to work, I don't want mother freaking out about more obnoxiously annoying bullcrap."

She chuckled, almost skipping as she climbed onto the bed, turning her back to me, "Goodnight Sero."
I stretched a bit, not letting this really bother me, eventually the darkness came....aaah sweet darkness....

Mora breathed quietly, then turned her body around again to look at Sero. Thankfully he was asleep now. She nudged herself closer, reaching forward hesitantly before placing a hand curiously on his chest. He was just...so unique and special in a way she would digress without respite.
She traced her hands along his chest muscles, blushing happily at this chance before cupping a hand around his cheek. Something she didn't notice before, a tattoo of some kind, in the shape of a snake though it was fairly short as it cascaded down from the hook of his ear along his cheek. She hadn't seen this before, but she didn't care.

She was here with him now, if only he knew what he meant to her. She placed her hands around his shoulder and snuggled against his chest happily.
"I wish it was like this all the time."

"A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and en-kindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy."
~George Jean Nathan


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Time will tell Empty Understanding

Post  Sam92 Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:24 am

I was slouching today, Martin was taking me to this...this thing. I'm not sure I really care.
Its stupid.
Its pointless.
Why am I here? Father threatened to shove his boot up my ass to get me out if I disagreed. I guess that's my incentive to go though with the things I have learned I bet I could have...you know what never mind just take pity on me.

"Aaah finally, we can spend some time together!" my hybrid counterpart stretched, placing both his hands behind his head, "you as excited as I am kiddo?"
"Nope," I answered honestly, but of course he just chuckled heartily with his reply, "ah you soon will be, there's my friends now!"
As we approached our stop, which was another castle area but smaller and surrounded by agriculture, I took in his friends by appearance.

The first one was a grey rat, perhaps a bit older than Martin was and had several scars on the right side of his face. He seemed to give an air of a serious yet relaxed person, plus he was frowning so I could immediately tell I wouldn't like this guy. He was also dressed in armor and was heavily armed much to my surprise... it was like he was expecting for us to get jumped or something.

The second one was a bear who appeared to be close to my age. He seemed as relaxed as the former but his looks and air made him appear very friendly. He was dressed lightly and was not armed so I guessed he was more trusting and respectable of Martin's little posse.

"Slayne! Corrin!" Martin waved excitedly, though only the bear waved back. We walked up to him and to my surprise the rat actually smiled, "aye good to see ya mate, your looking quite well." His eyes dropped on me, I just stared back with blunt enthusiasm.
"Well I am now that I brought my little bro with me Slayne," Martin hesitated, "his name is Sero and uh...hes wearing the cloak and mask because hes uhm...disfigured, yea."
I clenched my fist, but nodded bowing my head, "pleasure."
"Hmm," Slayne hummed to himself, eyeing me suspiciously. The bear, the one named Corrin from my guess, piped up, "is he coming with us to Elderwatch Cave Martin?"

"Yea you bet!"
"Can he defend himself, its dangerous up there." Slayne grunted, still looking me in that annoying way.
"Uhm...wait...crap I... you've never used a blade bro?" Martin spoke, his voice a bit of a whine as he peered at me curiously.
"Nope!" I commented happily, "well if this place is as dangerous as you guys say I would just be getting in the way..."
Corrin scratched, "well that does sound like a good idea, we can't really risk..."

"Hold it," Slayne interrupted, moving over to me. I actually trembled, I didn't realize how huge this guy was!
He bent down so his head was leveled with mine, then sniffed several times. He then smiled, "he reeks of magic like our Corrin here, he'll be fine."

"Oh yea I forgot you got in trouble about that alot...Great! now we can all go!" Martin said happily.
"Yea...great..." I grumbled, glaring at the smirking rat. Someone changed his mind real quick, I knew this was going to suck.

"A bit longer, we should be reaching the cave soon."
Martin hooked his hand around a branch, pulling his straight sword and chopping it out of his way, all of us in tow. Slayne was staying close to him to watch his back, while I trailed in the back, with Corrin in tow.
"What kind of magic do you know?" Corrin asked politely, peering at me curiously. I turned my head slightly, however his friendly attitude prevented me from being rude to him, so I scratched my head and replied, "just some of the basic stuff and a few offensive and defensive spells..."

"That interesting, you know if you want to learn more I actually know a magic school a friend of mine referred me to," Corrin looked ahead of him to Slayne and my 'brother' but continued speaking to me, "School of the Ninth Star, I'm going in a couple of weeks actually."
"You'll be missed," Slayne commented loudly without turning back, but I was surprised by his tone of voice, showing he meant it.

"Thank you," the bear nodded at the rat before turning his head to me, "anyway, the headmaster Felvis Gibraulti would happily send a referral to Lord Lavena and his wife and get you set up, we could be classmates."
"That...sounds nice I suppose," I spoke truthfully. I didn't mind Lanna's teachings and enjoy them immensely its just that... well I find myself getting along with Corrin. Perhaps its because hes a fellow magic user?

Would my life be more like this if I was around other magic users. Even wearing my cloak all the time...it sounded too good to be true, but I also remembered something Lanna told me. Necromancy wasn't a widely accepted magic art, if Corrin really did send the invitation I made sure to make a mental note to finish my lessons with Lanna before going to this school.

Quite suddenly there was a loud roar, a gangly creature with a furry monstrous appearance tumbled into view, heading straight for us.
"Troll!" Slayne yelled, pulling a scimitar and his shield.
"Here we go!" Martin brandished his straight sword, "Corrin hit it hard while me and Slayne funnel it in!"

The abomination howled and charge martin, swinging it large claws at him. Martin ducked and slashed at its legs, causing it to screech in pain. Slayne charged in and attempted to slash its neck but it swung out at him, causing him to curse and lift his shield to take the blow, staggering back.

I looked at Corrin, who lifted his left hand, electric energy en-swirling before letting a strong bolt loose, knocking the creature back and leaving a large scorch mark on its chest. This however made it more pissed and it swung out at Martin, thankfully (wait... did I say thankfully...) he somersaulted away.

I figured this was my time to join in as the troll looked at Corrin and me, then charged howling. "Shit, Slayne!" Martin yelled out as he and the rat raced after the creature. I was a bit perturbed, this was the first fight I have ever been in, I suppose I should finish it quickly so we could continue.
"Don't freeze up Sero!" Corrin encouraged, charging another bolt, "get ready to move out of the way!"
"For god's sake..." I sighed, then lifted my own hand, charging a fire spell. The troll stopped charging, its hideous face twisted in suprise as the level of my spell nearly blinded it.

"Huh...? Corrin said surprised
"What the..." Martin's eyes widened
"Son of a- MOVE!" Slayne yelled, grabbing Martin and hauling him out of the way.

I finished charging the spell, tilting my head at the creature. I couldn't tell by its features but I noticed it take a step back.
To this I smiled, my voice cold, "something disgusting like you...doesn't deserve to even exist."
I let loose the spell, however I had underestimated how powerful it was. The resulting explosion blew everyone (including me) off our feet, the shock wave blowing a few surrounding shrubbery clear and knocking back a few small trees. The result was a smoking crater where the troll use to be, a boney gory mass in its place.

I got back up and pat my gloved hands together, commenting loudly, "well thats taken care of, shall we continue?"
I blinked, everyone was just staring at me....however Slayne stood up, a look of absolute fury on his face, "that...that was dark magic!" Corrin stood up as well, but surprisingly he came to my defense, not that it did much good, "Wait hold on Slayne, I mean surely there's an explanation for this..."

Slayne stamped over to me, grabbing my cloak and lifting me bodily from the ground, "Shut up, I saw it! that spell wasn't normal, it was empowered with dark magic! Who taught you that?"
I was not phased, my first kill and he was angry at me? How dare he, "let me go...now."

"What are you doing to do, use more dark magic, go ahead and do it," Slayne glared, his hardened eyes meeting my cold ones. I felt my anger increase my power, my arms were beginning to give off that dark aura. I wanted to incinerate this fool off the face of this planet like I did that troll. But before I could do it Martin leapt in, pushing Slayne off and setting me down, "whoa whoa, hey that's my brother Slayne!"

"Brother? He is completely covered from head to toe, how am I suppose to know what he really is? maybe he is some kind of resulting experiment from your Dad?" Slayne growled, crossing his arms.
"Come now Slayne, you can't really believe those rumors..." Corrin began but was interrupted.
"I wouldn't have... if this shit didn't happen," Slayne walked forward, then smirked wickedly at Martin, "come now, surely you aren't curious as if this... 'brother' isn't some damned creation?"

"Your taking this a bit far..." Martin growled, his fur bristled.
"Why not?" Slayne shrugged, before moving to me, reaching forward, "lets start by taking off that stupid mask."
I glared at him, charging another spell. I was shocked to see that Martin instead decked the idiot across the face, sending him onto his tail.

Slayne blinked, rubbing his jaw as he looked at Martin in suprise, who was glaring daggers back at him. The wolf hybrid placed a hand on my back and spoke to his friend, "you may be my friend Slayne, but Sero is my brother regardless of what you think...you touch him again and next time you'll find my blade through your gut." Slayne didn't respond, but he continue glaring at me as we turned away. Corrin commented sadly, "I'll see you later Martin, Sero."
I waved at him quietly as I was lead off.

Half way home Martin finally spoke, clutching his brow, "should I even ask about...?"
I shook my head, still somewhat astounded at what just happened. Martin sighed, "I promise you this won't be the first time you see Slayne he...hes had a troubled past, just next time keep all that on the down low ok?"
I nodded again, finding myself asking, "why did you protect me?"
"Your my brother dummy," Martin smiled, a more serious smile then his overly enthusiastic ones, " I would have been the first thing between you and that troll, provided you don't blast me to hell first."

I found myself chuckling at this, patting his shoulder, "I'll think about it," to which he happily smiled and lead me home. You know...I think I'm glad I have a brother now.

"A brother is a friend who was once a bother."
~Sam Levenson


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Time will tell Empty Love is...

Post  Sam92 Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:18 pm

Another few weeks have passed, Mistress Lanna tells me I am about done. We have been delving deeper into necromancy, I even know how to make a blank now though due to its constant need for energy it would be too dangerous to keep around my family. She commented that my final test would be to reanimate a corpse which I was looking forward to for sure.

The only down side is that lately I have been having a peculiar nightmare. In description I'm standing in a graveyard with stones that reached the sky. I would get lost at first but eventually find myself in what I believed to be the center. In the center was a rather large green pool. When I moved to look into the pull I only a saw a skeletal after image of myself, but inside the pool itself was several swirling embodiments, eerie wails and screeches forcing me awake into a flustered state

The dream wasn't terribly awful it was just strange, a huge unknown to me. Again I found Mora sleeping in my bed for some strange reason though lately I haven't minded. Her nose twitched and she awoke as well, the lapine yawned a bit before looking at me in concern, "are you alright Sero?"

"I'm fine," I rubbed my forehead, moving into sitting position on the side of my bed. I felt her hands move to my shoulders and begin to rub effectively, it was soothing somewhat and made my trouble go away. I hated fear.

"I can tell when your lying Sero," She moved to nuzzle the side of my head. I can actually feel her entire upper body leaning against my back, and for some reason I was starting to become even more flustered then I did before. I propped one of my usual cold replies, "you don't know me Mora."

"I would like to you now, or have you not figured that out yet?" She happily commented

This had me think quietly about my friendship with Corrin, which was still going strong as long as Slayne wasn't around. Did Mora want the same? I guess it would be unfair to not allow herself a chance to try, I noticed she has been trying to get close to me so just rejecting her notion of friendship would be rude enough. I sighed, looking at my small window before asking, "well since the family is comfortable with me being out in public provided I continue wearing my cover up, would you like to do something...I dunno maybe head into the main marketplace and get something to eat?"

Her face lit up and she bounced off my bed, "yes, yes of course! let me get re... oh wait," Her ears drooped suddenly, "I have to work today remember?"

I thought about it for a bit, then an idea sprung up in my head, "well you have to listen to me right?"

She nodded, watching me perplexed as I stood up and pointed at her, "well then I'm ordering you to take the day off and spend it with me so we can hang out and get to know each other, sound good?"

She smiled, then moved over to kiss the side of my cheek before moving to leave, "your too sweet Sero."

As she left I felt my cheeks burn, my stomach felt all warm too, the hell....?

We were soon out in the main stream of town. I was dressed in my usual cloak and dagger crap but father made sure to put our family symbol (gold hawk emblazoned over blue with a sword) across the chest of most of my cloaks, however useful they were. Mora was dressed nicely, a cyan colored short dress (you know the ones with the skirts above the knees) that complimented her white fur.

As we walked around we were barraged by commoners trying to sell their goods. I had brought a few bags of onnar with me so I suppose I could buy something since this was my first time out here. Nothing interesting though, it was food, jewelry, or galorns and we have plenty of all of those things at home.

"Hey Sero come look at this," Mora had moved over to one of the jewelry stands. I sighed and followed her, noticing her fascination with some of the sapphire emblazoned items. She finally lifted a necklace with a blue sapphire etched into the shape of a moon, "doesn't this look lovely?"

"It matches your eyes," I admitted, it honestly did. She smiled and blushed at me before setting the necklace down, "heh, thank you Sero."

A sudden thought crossed my mind, so I asked her, "hey I'm actually getting a bit hungry, why don't you go find us a place to rest and eat I'm going to stay and browse more." She nodded and raced off, and I waited for her to be out of sight before turning to the merchant. He was a goat and looked a tad scared of me, but when he noticed the family crest he put on a nervous smile, "ah, do my wares interest you sir?"

I picked up the moon necklace, I have to admit it was smooth to the touch, he must have worked on it a lot. I knew what was coming so I decided to try something I watch father do, "How much for this?"

"Fine choice sir, thats my best in creation, 800 onnar." He offered with a smile, but I quickly interjected this, " hmmm seems a bit pricey, I'll give you 500 onnar for it."

"Now sir this is prime cut sapphire and the base of the necklace is pure silver," the goat intended to reason, "it has the best in fine pressed- "

"550 onnar" I interrupted him, staring him down back into his scared state. He got a bit brave though and attempted to speak up, "how about 720 onn-"

"600, and I'm not going more than that," my sharp blue eyes staring him down I swore he was hiding behind the makeshift table of his wares now, his voice tiny, "ve-very well sir, 600 onnar."

"Good man, I'll give you 20 extra for seeing reason," I dropped the require amount in his hands and pocketed the moon necklace for later. Mora will like this gift, and speak of the devil the rabbit soon reappeared, steering me away to this place she found, sells good food apparently.

As annoying as it was I honestly admit I was enjoying myself.

She picked the wrong place, there were a lot of loud men, slutty women, and beer to drive a person into an asylum. We were ushered hurriedly to an empty table, and before I can speak a fox with breasts the size of my head walked up asking in a leisured tone, "hello young dears, what can I get you both?" Then her eyes dropped on me.

She frowned, looking at me curiously but then her eyes caught the crest and her whole face lit up again, her tone taking a more seductive approach, "I would be....very happy to help the young sir."

I was not phased, it just seemed kind of annoying, so I asked, "both of us light drinks, and any of the fine meats and vegetables you have in stock."

"Oh of course dear, just a moment please," she winked at me and turned away but I ignored this. When I looked at Mora she stuck her tongue at the women and scowled, "slut, I swear this place wasn't this bad when my friend Ilanor took me here."

"Ilanor?" I found myself asking, curious. She giggled, "shes a friend of mine from far north, her family is an assembly of noble warriors and have business partners down here in the pridelands so she visits ever so often."

"What is she like?"

"Well she a polar bear and almost silent all the time," Mora thought aloud to me, "but shes a very kind person and willing to protect those close to her."

"She sounds like an admirable women," I smiled though she probably couldn't tell behind my mask, "probably how I admire you."

I must have said something right because she suddenly perked up with a big smile and her cheeks tinged pink as she asked like it was the most surprising thing ever, "wha...really?"
"Of course," I replied, noticing the fox coming back over, "your sweet, intelligent and very..."

"Here you go," She plopped the food bluntly down in front of Mora but turned to me smiling, "and the same for the young sir, we hope you enjoy your meal."
She placed down my food with care and our drinks, to which I nodded and gave my thanks and she scurried off. Mora glared at her but looked back to me when I commented, "well shes annoying," to which she smiled and we continued are conversation along with our food.

After a while we had finished and Mora stood up, "pardon me Sero, I have to use the restroom."
"Hurry back."
She smiled and moved to kiss my cheek again before exiting the this place. It was a tad more empty plus it was getting dark, I geuss I underestimate our timing for this hangout. Even so it was well worth, I was really starting to like Mora, she was a charming women with a personality that is to be desired. Strange...was I starting to...

"Hello again sweetie," it was the fox again, to which she suddenly scooted the table back and sat in my lap facing me. Incredulous I asked, "the hell are you doing?"
She smirked, her floofy tail swishing back and forth, "well its rare for a nobleman to greet this fair place with his presence, I'm just making sure your stay is that much more enjoyable."

I blinked, the cogs in my mind going to work, "what is that suppose to mean?"
"Well you must wear that mask because your hideous aren't you?" her voice sickly sweet it almost made me sick, to which she arched her back so her large bosom was almost in my face, thank god I'm still wearing my mask, "but I don't care about that hunny, you see that girl is young and most likely doesn't know her left and her rights but I can show you...everything there is to know about desire..."

Then it clicked, I finally understood now. I shook her hands off, then stood up to which she fell to the floor with a pained yelp. She looked up at me annoyed but shrunk in fear as my light irises stared down at her coldly, "your just a slut, you don't care about who the person is you only care about latching on to someone who can give you enough money."

"I..." she attempted to speak up but was immediately shot back down by me, "you think I would want some bimbo who only gives a damn about what I can give her rather than myself, you disgust me; and if I ever hear you talking bad about Mora again I will incinerate you on the spot, DO YOU UNDERSTAND BITCH."

"Y-yes..." she started sobbing, "I'm sorry I just...I just hate it here..I thought if I found someone rich I can leave this town and start over I..."
"Shut up," I interrupted her, then I reached into my coat pocket, tossing down two full bags of onnar in front of her, "I don't feel sorry for you, but if I do know what and who is most deserving so if your that desperate to start over take that and run."

She fumbled with the money bags and picked herself up, "thank you."
"Just go."
She nodded and hurried out. I just stared at the place where she was. Then I suddenly realized something, "Mora has been gone for awhile."

"Help!" the fox came back through the door causing me to turn around as she cried, "its her, there's three men and..."

I didn't wait for her to finish, I was already out of the door.

Mora pat her dress relieved as she turned to head back into the 'Sting and Barb', but was stopped by two rather bulky gentleman. One was a possum and the other a hyena who was the first to speak up,"well hello there, a wench out for her break perhaps?"

"Yea looks like it, "the possum spoke up, licking his lips, "perhaps she wants a treat before she bitches it up for the dicks inside."

"I don't work here," Mora's voice trembled, backing up, "I'm a maid of Lord Lavena, so I don't think you should."

"Like we care about who's dick you suck everyday," the hyena licked his lips, "were just here to have fun aren't we Dag?" two large hands grabbed her from behind, she looked up in fear at the bull who snuck up on her, "oh yes, we are going to have fun with this one."

"Let me go!" Mora struggled, the possum chuckled moving over to grope her breasts before ripping down that part of her outfit to expose, "oooh lovely, can't wait to have fun with these."
The hyena moved in too, licking his long tongue across the scared rabbits face as he commented, "you can fuck her tits after I'm done with her mouth dumbass."

By this time all three of the men were about to drop their pants, groping the now sobbing rabbit as the bull let out a gentle groan, "well I'm going first, been awhile since I had some ass like this..." The Hyena shrugged, "fine, just don't break her."
The bull smirked, and Mora felt something large poke under her dress against her puff of a tail.

She wanted to scream but she was so scared, "he-help me...someone please..."
When she looked up she saw a familiar cloaked figure standing at the end of the ally. It was Sero. She attempted a strangled cry to him, "Sero! Sero please....!"

"Shut the hell up," the possum smacked her, but the hyena noticed the man staring at them, remarking rudely, "hey you here to join us or mind your own business, get out of here." Sero didn't say anything, but his cold eyes stared the hyena down, who flinched.
The bull stopped rubbing his erection agaisnt Mora's rump, commenting quietly, "hey..is it getting col- GRK!"

"Holy shit! Dag!"

Mora fell over onto her stomach, re adjusting her dress as she looked back, her eyes wide with horror. A large ice spike was speared through the stomach of the bull, who coughed blood and went silent. The possum and the Hyena back up in fear as they looked back, their eyes widening in fear. Mora too was shocked at what she what seeing.

The air was cold, and a black mist was radiating off Sero, the tendrils reaching out to caress the walls, shaping off into skulls.
"You dare," Sero's voice seemed to shake the world around them, "touch something precious to me..."

"Woah, we can talk abou- AUGH!" one of the tendrils weaved over to the hyena and slashed down, his arm hitting the ground as he clutched the bloody stump, "oh gods, oh gods!"

"Shut up."

The Necromancy brought up his hand, a small orb began to form around the hyena's head. He seemed to struggled for a few minutes before his body flopped over, the mist disappearing to show the man had suffocated. The possum start shaking as the tendrils moved to him, "dear gods, no please I don't want to die!"

They wrapped around his arms and legs, then his neck, and the Catalyst gestured toward himself. The tendrils dragged the screaming possum to him before he asked in a wicked tone, "yours will be torture for hurting her, judgement will be passed and I will rip each limb from your body...yes lets start with your legs." The possum began to sob, but choked when the tendril around his neck tightened.

"Wait!" Mora spoke up

I was about to end his life, I wanted to, my heart and my body screamed to rip him asunder, but Mora had ran over to me, burying her head against my chest, "please don't Sero, your scaring me and I don't want this...I'm ok." I felt myself calm, the tendrils disappeared the possum dropping to the ground panting. I glared at him, "get the hell out before I change my mind."

He whimpered and left. Afterward I don't remember much of what happened, I just know that Mora rushed me home, away from the bodies.

Then I was in my room, my cloak and dagger stuff off, lying on my bed in thought. Perhaps I had gone too far, but when I saw Mora in trouble I just...
I'm not sure what happened, I know I felt anger but I felt worried for her well being.

"Sero? may I come in?"
"Yes, please."

She walked in, in a robe. She walked over to my bed and sat down while asking, "I won't tell anyone ok?"
"That wasn't my current concern, they deserved it," I found myself scowling. She placed a hand on my chest, "its fine, I'm ok hun."
She moved over into laying position, then kissed my cheek again, "I'm sorry for making you worry about me I... I'm just glad you found me."

"I didn't do it for you, I just... didn't want one of our maids to be..."
"Sero," She tilted her head, "I really like you, for a long time now."
"Aren't we friends already," I found myself asking quietly but she inched her pink nose against mine, rubbing gently, "not a friend Sero, let me show you how much you mean to me..."

Her lips touched mine, her hands moved to grope my chest and I finally realized the reason behind my feelings and hers and as my hands explored hers, the robe relieving her now nude body I also realized I had come to terms with Mora as she had for me.

That night turned out to be a very pleasurable night for the both of us.

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."


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Time will tell Empty Soul

Post  Sam92 Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:10 pm

I've decided to move my operations to Furaffinity and the Harkovast forum, thank you for spectating and allowing me to write here.

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Time will tell Empty Re: Time will tell

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